Madewell has been an increasing go-to place to me. I think it’s less a change in them than in me... though generally I need brighter colors. I couldn’t be one of those women who shops there almost exclusively—I see those all over NYC.

Actually, this is scores, heartbeak and k/r. Usual apologies for my mirror situation.

1. I’ve wanted a jumpsuit that I could dress up or down in non-summer weather. This is obviously not a winter item, but I wasn’t expecting that. My other jumpsuits are high summer only. I am surprised how much I like this; I was assuming I’d have to kiss a few more frogs. Jumpsuit fit with sleeves is tough on me, since I’m a pear with a short torso. This is a petite, which helps. (More on this below.) I do think it needs to be hemmed to be truly cropped, which is hard to tell here.

2&3 aren’t shown except in finds-white and blue jeans. They need to be hemmed to be truly cropped on me. The white ones are at the tailor (trying a new one so I only brought one garnet for now.) But both are lovely quality and comfy. I’ll share when they’re done. I thought about hacking the blue ones but I am extremely clumsy with my hands and don’t trust myself to do it right.

4. I want something special for my b-day (big 4-0). I have been fancying something with a dark floral boho vibe. I love this in theory and I loved it in the dressing room. Less sure this morning but my mirror is awful so that could be a factor. I need to style this and re-post with a better picture, I know. I didn’t have time this morning, and there’s no good light right now. But I’ll take opinions now. Dark romance or nightgown? ETA - this also comes in a petite, but it's already sold out in my size in less than a week online. I may stalk for a pop-back.

5. This looks great. Shows my shape but is not tight. Love the 90’s vibe. I was in fact ready to wear this today but... PPP. The fit is off. It’s too long for my torso (more obvious when I sit and from the back). They don’t offer petite. I think it would cost too much if even could be altered. A size down would make it too tight; the button right below my waist already pulls open a bit, and fashion tape wasn’t solving the problem. It would pop open a bit when I got up from sitting. I could maybe deal with the torso fit, a common problem for me, but not the fuss factor with that button. My heart is broken, but I took it off to return it today, before I talk myself out of it.

ETA - thanks for the feedback. Outcomes for now: The jumpsuit is a keeper but it always was. The daisy dress did go back (boo, but it was the right decision.) the petite of the floral dress did pop up so I ordered it. I decided I will like the dress better shorter so this version will probably go back either way.

ETA 2 - J Crew dress arrived (discussed below). It looks fine in the photo, but it’s too tight on my belly and somewhat in my arms. I already sized up; I’m not in love with it enough to size up yet again. Meh.

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