Based on a Forum post in which the quality of various retailers was discussed, I placed orders to both Madewell and Boden.

This is where I rave about Madewell. The customer service was extraordinary. With their help, I ordered jeans that fit me perfectly. I also ordered one pair of sweatpants that are sublime. I am now a die hard Madewell fan. They will be my first stop for jeans and sweats going forward. I'm telling all my real life friends.

Unfortunately, Madewell cannot meet my needs when it comes to tops.
That is when I opted to try Boden. I ordered four tops from Boden based on Angie's blog recommendations. Three of the four tops are perfection. (The fourth is still enroute). I am now a die hard Boden fan. They will be my first stop for knit tops going forward.

By the end of December, I will have successfully rebuilt my work pant/casual pant and work top/casual top capsules for winter months. I am starting to feel some degree of satisfaction with my wardrobe again. This has been a long time coming because most of 2018 was about dismantling my wardrobe with a little building going on.

What needs to be done? Underpinnings. I was at the mall on Sunday and bra fittings/bra shopping are the worst. I literally broke out in a cold sweat and fled the store with my heart pounding.


At the suggestion of posters here, I tried Thirdlove for bras. I ordered two different styles. One style fit me to perfection. I intend to duplicate that bra in two different colors in December.

I noticed Thirdlove also sells underwear. It is my plan to try their underwear when I place my next bra order.

I have a plan to complete the foundation of my wardrobe by the end of December. This is the hardest stage of wardrobe planning for me. I'm glad the Forum made it so easy. Thank you.