Energized by Nikki’s killer kilt ootd, I scooped up all my plaid and did a lot of playing in my closet. Noticed that my new purple velvety velour top could go with everything. Being psyched about the top, and being the imp that I am, I had to try it every day. I have also been infected by the column of color bug, so I tried that too. I carried the green backpack/bag every day (not usually sideways), accessorized more, and checked CPTS.

Caution: many, many looks. I think I’m entering a phase like a couple summers ago, when I really defined my style for that season by posting weekly summaries for a while. Now I want to figure out my winter style, and I’ve dropped a few hints on the blog of which way I want to go. My winter look, true to my roots, tends to a stereotype that has been removed from the record because it threw discussion way off track, basically schlumpy jeans and a shapeless welted pullover sweater. Ugh. The one alternate style I’ve worn (and worn out, according to Synne) is short skirt with opaque tights. I have nothing against that latter look & will continue to wear it, but want more variety in winter. I want to be warm, and to look cozy and inviting and also a little refined & alluring. The weather lately has been on the chilly side for fall, but still about 20 (Fahrenheit) warmer than winter will be. Some of these items (the cotton pants, lightweight bomber jacket) will be put away in a few weeks, but I plan to wear most of them for the next few months.

What do you think? Did I pick the right versions to wear oitw? What could improve these outfits? If anyone’s interested, I could post a little thing I wrote last spring, looking ahead to this winter’s style.

Plaid 1: lilac pants. I have been wondering if my alterations shop could put a tuxedo stripe in, because the legs, particularly the calves, were just too small. Good thing I didn’t get around to it, because now that I’ve suddenly lost a lot of me, they fit. I had fun wearing them, particularly with my son’s sweater.

Plaid 2: Pendleton watch plaid pants. Received last Christmas, but never worn before, because they are my summer size. I made up for lost time by going triple plaid, haha.

Plaid 3: The kilt’s story was told in this post https://youlookfab.com/welookf.....ly-florida. It traveled to Berlin with me in the 90s; was shortened because of moth holes. I’m wearing the same topper with it now as in that post, except as evening approached, I needed my puffy.

Putting these pix together, I see that I’m wearing many more new (for me) pieces than I typically wear. I’m not sure what that means, if anything. I don’t have finds for most things, so here’s a compilation of what I’m wearing & when I got it.

Purple velour top summer 2022

Lilac plaid pants NWT bought early 2019
Uniqlo sweater hand me down from my son fall 2019
Paisley/mattress ticking button front ca 2008?
Berry colored Uniqlo ls heat tech shirt 2019
Fleece-lined pink Hollister vest winter 2017/18
White Sorel Lennox boots 2021/22
Brown “newsie” Joseph Siebel ankle boots 2021/22

Pendleton watch plaid pants 2021
Moda International (Victoria’s Secret) silk blouse 199x
Green/black open front cardi ca 2015
Plaid jacket (lemminged from Aida) 2017/18
Black Oxfords 2022
Uniqlo heat tech socks ca 2020

Kilt TJ Max , early 80s.
Black bra top JJill, early 2010s.
Linen/cotton Soft Surroundings cardi early 2010s
Sweater knit leggings Uniqlo 2019
Fair Isle dock 2019 (?)
Blue kelty loafers 2021

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