I'm only a few years late to the game, but I decided to try the MAC satin lipstick in Twig. I usually need a kind of nearly- nude with a little color and have a trusty one for everyday. Thought this would be similar, really and maybe just a dupe.
To my surprise it's deeper than I thought but still a bit subdued. It's my perfect " red" and a great going- out shade, especially when I'm wearing black and need more lip color- haha,
while forcothers it's their subtle daytime work color! Lipsticks I used to wear for " events" now are too red or purple, if colorful, and if dark enough but more neutral, are too brown. For some reason, the Twig IS a browny- pink type but looks rosier and slightly plummy without being garish( to my eye).

I can't remember if it's been reviewed here, but I suspect others have tried it. For me it's just the right amount of drama, but comfortable, that lets me toss out some that were no longer working.