So I have a nifty new tweed cardi/blazer, like I've wanted for a long time, and I know where there's a cool and fairly expensive blazer that is great on me. Now all I need is something for an interview.

I need something that looks moderate/conservative at first glance, but that has some hidden special thing (ie a "lurking quirk", or it could be something lux). The field I'm looking for work in straddles very conservative and very alternative sides. I don't know which way sensibilities will skew. It may vary from one person to the next, and dress codes may shift according to what's on the agenda. Purple blazers and floral dresses might be fine later, but I think I need to be a bit more reined in at first.

The items I liked best--the blue dress, the grey and pink blazers--are from labels that each have their own stand-alone stores, as is the grey long cardi. I'm checking each of their sites out, don't know yet if I'll be able to use my foreign Visa card or if I'll need to schlepp to their stores.

My question on all the blazers is "is it real?" It seems to be a thing these days to print patterns that traditionally are made by the weave, hence tops with glen plaid and herringbone sweatshirts. Those aren't "real" by the definitions I'm using here. I don't know the first thing about blazers, so my first question about any of these is if they're really real. I don't want to show up in a play/pretend blazer.

Dresses and skirts are easy by comparison. I know I don't want a full skirt that would look flowing or flouncy. I do well in sheathes. I do not do well in shifts (even those that look straight), A-lines/trapeze dresses, or pencil skirts (same knock-knee issue that makes chinos a no-go)

Finds don't work (what? He hasn't hooked up small labels in other countries yet? Slacker!) (<-----absolutely not serious), so I'm pasting in links to things I think could work. If any of these look workable, please note colors that do/don't work. Black tends not to be good for me unless it is modified--heathered, charcoal, etc or worn with some other color. I'm not planning to go into the brown trend. Comments and suggestions are appreciated! this one is my favorite right now, to be worn with a grey blazer. It is a couple inches longer than the ones I tried on earlier.

Can't do Taifun now--sick kid wants to be pampered. Yes, he's in high school, but who doesn't want mama when they're sick?