I have a weird problem with comfort sandals -- my low volume feet always slide too far forward over the edge of the shoe bed, even if they are the same size as the shoe bed (instead there will be a space at the back.)

I think I need a lot of adjustable straps to make my foot stay back.

Anyone found anything stylish and walking -oriented? Like for 4-5 miles of city walking?

Attached are finds that I mostly had to reject.

Best fit so far and the only one I kept (the first): Sol Sana, which are not a comfort sandal and have a completely flat footbed -- I tarted them up with a Dr. Scholl's ball of foot and arch insert for each. I kept them but would still rather something a bit more cushiony.

Oh yeah, I have also tried the Birks Gizeh shoe, thought maybe the toe bar would help, but no.