It’s not really honest to say I’m doing a “no shop” year, because I have so many exceptions. Most of them are things I’ve had in one form or another in finds for a long time. Here are those finds. They are not exactly what I want to buy; I’m keeping my eye open for locally-made versions, and of course I want that lurking quirk. The wish list items shown in finds are
Warm (but not for frigid weather) coat/jacket
Fancy pants—plaid &/or another pattern
Pale pink oxfords, derbies or similar.
Toppers in shapes/silhouettes I don’t have now, like blazers, kimonos, crops.
Sandals, probably metallic, probably ankle straps.

Not shown:
wide legged summer pants
White tennies
Bright green Vans Old Skoolz
Red or brown leather belt.

The other big exception I’m planning to make is an overhaul of my hosiery and lingerie, once the extra pounds are gone. I will probably also need a new workout suit, and possibly a briefcase-type bag.

Altogether I expect to stay under 1 item per month, about half as many pieces as are shown in finds.

Suki Waterproof Coat
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