Hi everyone, just pondering something. I am vaguely aiming at a low-buy year this year - not putting any specific numbers in place, but more an intention to by slowly and carefully (in an organized emotional way), partly because I did purchase a lot last year, and partly because *waves hands at economy and general state of world* all this.

In any case, I am thinking about certain purchases I've made that just seem to have super-high impact. For me, I *think* these are often more "boring" purchases but that are really effective at updating my whole wardrobe because they are workhorse items that affect a large portion of my dressing.

Case in point - while it's fun for me to buy all sorts of tops, buying 501 straight jeans effectively updated *all* my tops because they are so versatile they pair with almost everything and update the silhouette.

I am curious if the Blondo boots in taupe will have a similar effect ... again a boring piece in and of themselves, but with the possibility of changing up a significant number of daily outfits through the winter months. I suspect a new handbag might potentially do the same.

Have you noticed this? What are your low-interest but high-impact pieces? Am I overthinking or making things up here?!? All opinions welcome