I missed out on Angie's Banana Republic turtleneck midi dress last year (first Find), as I'm hesitant to add any wool or wool blends right now because eczema. I have a lot of wool, but I have to be a bit strategic about when and how I wear it, so I really can't buy anymore if it's a next-to-skin layer (outerwear is no problem), especially something with fitted sleeves where I can't just add a layer underneath.

I really, really love this look -- the fitted sweater dress paired with a wide belt. And the olive/grey combo is perfect. Many years ago I had a gorgeous ribbed charcoal dress much like this one that I paired with a bright red obi belt -- an all-time favourite outfit, perfect for holiday parties and winter festivities. So rare to find a formula that feels a bit sexy but also cozy-warm enough for New England in January.

This year, BR has a turtleneck midi that contains no wool (second Find), and I'm wondering if anyone has seen it in person and can comment on quality. I usually don't love poly blends, but I'd make an exception for a great dress, and if it works out I would absolutely buy the belt to go with it. Nearest BR store is about two hours away; I'll cross my fingers they have it in stock so I can try it on the next time I head that direction, or maybe I'll get impatient and order online.

Also, while I'm daydreaming, any shoe inspo to go with this outfit? I'm thinking a dark metallic, like pewter, in a higher-shaft ankle boot. Or chocolate brown?