I need to get some new footwear this fall, and I'm loving this trend.

I absolutely love the Jeffrey Campbell brocade bootie that Angie showed in today's blog posting. I found a pair of loafers at Nordstrom.com with a similar vibe that really caught my eye. And, I love a find from the blog posting about an Olive Bomber Jacket from a few m months ago.

Unfortunately these three do not work for me, but they are great for inspiration.

#1 heel height is too high for me for every day wear and that's where I need to focus first, also fabric booties would not be useful much of the year for me

#2 at over $1000 USD just a wee bit outside my budget. I thought about starting up a crowdsourcing forum topic but thought that would be a bit tacky:-)

#3 no longer available at least not on the UK Clark site.