This posting was inspired by Angie’s recent blog posting on leopard bags AND her forum posting on the lesson of the pink suit - " LISTEN TO YOUR FEELINGS. Don't take the emotion out of your style."

I finally received this leopard bag 3 weeks after I ordered it from Nordstrom Rack. Deliveries from them take a long time as discussed
here .

It’s a lovely bag, has that new leather smell, beautiful construction, and I was able to confirm that a leopard bag in this color palette will be a super versatile addition to my wardrobe and go with a LOT. Upon closer examination the following issues made themselves apparent

- I have always worn shoulder bags, not sure why, but a satchel style just feels awkward and fussy to me. I’ve analyzed this over and over and always come back to the same place so I'm going with it. I thought this satchel might work because it has a shoulder strap and the handles fold down. However the shoulder strap attaches on opposite sides rather than on the ends of the bag so it feels very unstable with the shoulder strap on.

- In the find pic it looks like a leopard bag with black leather strips around the leopard print areas. In reality it is a black bag with two leopard patches/pockets on the front and nothing on the back. Too much black, not enough leopard.

So, it’s going back and I will continue the search. No regrets, this bag has confirmed/solidified what I want. I’m looking for a bag around this size, in these colors, that works primarily as a shoulder bag so a
soft satchel with handles that have an 8 or 9” drop would work, and is mostly leopard print. I’m willing to splurge a little to get a good quality one. Nothing on Angie’s posting quite fits this description but I’m very optimistic that I’ll find one to my liking. I love looking at your blog posting Angie, the colors are just so appealing!