WOW, WOW Angie so beautiful jeans on you , the best I have seen on, love, love so much. Perfect fit, I better than on model. Zara cape is fantastic, you look beyond faboulus.

I am as excited as you are!!!!!!!! I have many questions about this silhouette and will come back later to post here or on a separate thread.

Now this is fun with fashion! Love your "cheeky" photo of the rear pockets!

carpenter pants! you've taken me make to my 1st retail job as an assistant manager at The Gap...i had a great pair in royal blue!
i like these a lot.....

You are all SOOOO nice. Thanks for the gracious words, and kind comments, ladies.

LOTS of fun carpenter pants memories

For those who want to try them on at Nordies - they run TTS, Suz. I usually wear a 25 in jeans, and these are a 25. No waist alteration needed. They stretch out ever so slightly. The blue dye does not come off either.

Tanya, the new cape IS a workhorse. More about that later.

Synne, oh my word. I'm blushing.

La Ped, actually, these at the only GRLFRIEND jeans I like! Everything else by the brand so far is ripped, faded, torn, skinny and body con.

Those are awesome
ETA, funnily enough I’ve been also looking for interesting non-distressed jeans as well

Anna, non-distressed jeans look fresh, don't they. These remind me a bit of the raw Japanese denim look that was fringe trending a few years ago. MUCH more comfy though.

What I always loved about painter's pants was the deep diagonal cut of the front pockets. So flattering on you!

Anna, FUN. What will you wear on your feet?

And here are my versions of those pants:

Yes, yes, yes!!! The fit of these jeans is perfect. Also the length. They are exactly what I've been looking for in jeans, and also pants. I love the stockings with them. They look both chic and comfortable. I can imagine wearing this shape in the winter with heavy socks. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

Fab on you!

I would look like the broad side of a barn in these so I will stay far away, but it’s fun to see a range of denim styles for a change of pace.

These jeans look so fab and fresh on you! Much better than the model IMO! I get such a kick over your pure excitement and joy when you find something you love.

They were made for you!

They are just as fab as the Gucci jeans and fit you perfectly. I love this style of jeans and hope they come to our retail in a non-Gucci form soon.

Super cute jeans! I had a pair of white painter’s pants back in the late ‘70s—good memories.
The graphic navy and white outfit pairing is very fresh and crisp.

Wow! You never fail to amaze me in how you pull together very polished dressy pieces (cape) with ones that are less so (the jeans). Fab all around!

Thanks for the kind words, ladies. You are awfully gracious.

Janet, you would NOT look like the broad side of a barn!

Proeminent stiching is my favourite detail, white is perfect for you! Gorgeous with the booties and the cape!!!

Ooh, love these on you! So fresh and fun.

I keep coming back to the idea of these jeans. I've started my closet edit and already had one big realization: I am suffering from skinny jean fatigue. I'd love a new silhouette. But, here in the northern tundra, we are already experiencing very brisk temperatures.

Angie, do you have any recommendations for ankle-covering footwear that would pair well with jeans like this?

Yay! Those fit you really well, and i love it with the cape i need to figure out what my version of casual + pretty is!

Lyn67 and Gigi, thank you.

Suntiger, I LOVE pretty outfits. I'm not into a hard edged, tough or avant garde look for my pwn style. Hope we can compare notes.

Laura, YES. The Skinny Jean Fatigue is real. You need HIGH SHAFT tailored Aquatailias to wear under these, with warm socks. Here - to match your new hair:

Loved them on you, I agree that they look better on you than on the model.

Oooh! Thank you Angie. And the heel height is just right! So many sock booties seem to have nearly 3" heels ?!?

The pants look great on you. You rock it really well. Carpenters jeans are in nowadays. Fashion is really a cycle!

Angie, they look amazing on you. Definitely better than the model photo. I also love the white stitching and button. So fresh. Brings back great memories of my favorite pair of cargo pants from the 80's. They were bright purple and awesome lol.

Super cool! I love the trendy yet classic vibe.

Angie, if you run across any variations on this style that are full length and not too high in the rise, would you please share? I liked carpenter style pants back in the day, and I like the easier fit through the leg, but I think the big back pockets and the high contrast stitching on the angle of those front pockets would make this pair unflattering on my particular shape. But I am interested in exploring new jean silhouettes!

These are fantastic on you, Angie! I am much more drawn to them, having seen them on you now--and I thought they were cute before!