These are just some of my cobalt items. Angie’s post today made me appreciate how much longevity so many of these pieces have in my wardrobe. Everything from swimwear to outerwear, gear to occasionwear — chances are I have some bit of it in cobalt. I love it in a print too.

I like mixing it with black, white, and charcoal, but also really enjoy it with cognac, rust or cinnamon, and I adore it with burgundy.

It’s one of those colors I choose when I need a little pick-me-up or feel like I am not looking my best — it flatters my skin and coloring and makes me look more alive.

We are going to a neighbor’s home for dinner tonight, and it’s chilly and rainy — I think I may choose an outfit with cobalt!

Linen Blend Crop Shirt
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