I feel your lost of a beloved item! I sometimes wish the same, for all my wardrobe pets to be so perfect that I never need to upgrade them- and just wanting to keep forever-no change- no problem!:-)

Just ordered bunch of jackets. Non of them seem as perfect as my old one, but I may change my mind when I see them on. Let’s hope one of them works.
Mine was from Diesel - that is all I know. Don’t know model or even a size unfortunately, so that makes searching for it difficult. And since it is decade old doubt that it is still available anyway.

I try to avoid "replacement" because of its high failure rate. Maybe you could think of this as an opportunity to try something different?

Your poor little jacket! I like that white one, hope you ordered it.
I lost a jean jacket years ago and haven't found one I liked as much. It was more of a blazer cut with rhinestone buttons-dressy enough to wear daily

You should get blue and not white if you're doing ONE denim jacket.

Angie - you are so right! There is no rule to say I can’t have more than one, but I was happy with only one for so long, that I never even considered getting another. It worked probably because it was blue.

Here is the selection of jackets that I ordered. #4 is closest to what I am looking for in color. #2 is best shape, has 5 buttons like mine, and it is also Diesel, but it is probably too dark.

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i really hope you find another perfect denim jacket. I had one in my teens and recently found another, so they happen more than once. You have a great selection here, #4 look very promising.