So. Much. Fun. Glad it left the store with you!

I tried it quickly on again at home. I think sleeves are ok, but I am not an expert, hopefully Angie will see this.
I am also only wearing a thin sweater under it. Too tired to play with it now. But I think will be good with these sweaters.

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Wow, it looks great in the closer picture! Super fab find! I think the sleeves look fine, but I prefer longer sleeves on my coates, so leave the assessment to others.

Btw, I was intrigued by the cat cafe. Do people bring their cats there with them? Or do the cats belong to the cafe somehow? Never heard of such a place before

Katerina - cats belong to a cafe. You have little info about each cat on the menu - their names, age, breed, nature and preferences .You can feed and play with them. If they want, of course:) The one that was sharing table with us was not for beginners as per instructions:)

Ha, ha, ha - that is so funny!

Ohmigosh does that coat Love YOU!

The coat is fabulous on you!

I just adore this on you - I'm so glad you took the plunge!

Love that coat. What a way to cheer up a dreary cold day.

We have doggy cafes here where people bring their pups (one is the Bark Bar) but I’ve never seen one with cats- how cute!

It looks like those sweaters will work very well. So glad you got the coat!

Didn't a YLF member once go on a date to a cat cafe?

My understanding is that they are a place where apartment dwellers, or folks who can’t have pets can spend some time cuddling a fur baby, but also folks who are interested in adoption can ‘audition’ a potential pet. We have one in our town!

Love the title, the coat on you, and that smile.

That is so fun, and I’m glad you got a wild card coat that makes you smile.

I have to confess I just don’t get fretting about “splitting wears” — if I love something and wear it instead of another item that I also love, I’ll just wear that other item another day, right? If I never reach for the other item, it turns out the new one was a replacement and the old can go. But I have to say that for me a bright solid color coat and a bright fuzzy plaid coat have distinct vibes and moods, and I suspect you’ll choose one or the other based on outfit and mood.

Janet - this is how I understand splitting wears. If I have only one thing that goes with certain outfit and is appropriate for the situation than it is a no brainer. But if I have more things that fulfill the same role than it requires more thinking, a decision, maybe some guilt for picking one thing over the other etc. Too much choices can be somewhat overwhelming to me. But we are all different. Some people are mood dressers, some crave variety, some like to be creative with their outfits and this is all good

Love the coat and I think it’s great with the snakeskin boots and jeans.

Anchie, that’s a good explanation. I guess I am a person that thrives on having a couple of (not TOO many and therefore overwhelming) choices. I think we all have our sweet spot!

I see it came home (happy dance)-so please keep!!! Perfect with your complexion, and the animal booties, a fun wild card-LOVE!!!

Love at first sight! So glad you took it home!

It looks fantastic on you - good choice to get it!

Swoon! It looks great on you. I love it and it would come home with me too.

What a fun coat! I think it will be uplifting to reach for it on a cold winter day.

Works great with your sweaters And aww Cat Cafe!

That coat is charming, spunky and delightful, it looks super on you!