I've just been mulling over something about my style recently, and LisaP's recent thread also sparked some thoughts. Warning: navel gazing ahead.

I turn 56 in three months, and I'm trying to be more mindful than ever about editing, choosing and styling my wardrobe in a way that is occasion- and lifestyle-appropriate. In the pandemic year I stopped dyeing my hair, and the asymmetrical cut and the blue streaks are all grown out. I have a middle-aged body, but I still feel like I'm 30 in a lot of ways. I'm still an indie-rock girl at heart, and I don't know if I'm ever going to be able to give up a bit of rock/alt-rock/indie-rock in my style. Nothing as overt as outright punk or Stevie Nicks boho or flannel grunge, but I seem to need SOME edge in my style to feel like myself. Lately though I wonder if I'm losing that. I think I'm grappling a bit with the effects of aging body and face and grey hair on my overall style. I find this particularly challenging in summer, when I can't rely on boots and jackets to amp up the tough/edge. And I look at what I've bought lately and most of it is pretty soft and drapey. I *think* my recent sandal purchases have helped up the style factor a bit, but when I get in this mode I tend to second-guess everything. LOL

I have a hair appointment in 10 days (and yes, I am counting down), and I am pretty sure my stylist will have some ideas how to update my hair with my goals in mind. I've been going to him for almost 18 years so he knows me well!

But I'm going to be looking at my wardrobe items and how I combine them with an eye to keeping true to this aspect of my style. Can any of you relate? Any suggestions or insights?

With a nod to LCD Soundsystem (it probably already says a lot that I'm referencing a nearly 20 year old song, LOL, but yeah, even James Murphy is 51)...