I can find lots to love on this list!

Smittie I think the capes and ponchos appeal to the flower children and mods. Brings back so many memories. Same with fringe.

Oh, I forgot about kimonos, worn as jackets. I've not noticed those until lately, although I suppose that's part of the boho look and I just haven't been paying attention!

I'm glad to see this all in one place, but... it made me realize that many of the trends for this year are not catching my interest. At least, not yet. I'm sure I'll be inspired once I see some great WIWs here but currently not planning on going after any but possibly flares and taller booties.

Ah Style Fan, I didn't realize it was a flower-child thing

My biggest current wardrobe hole is shoes.

So I'm really interested in the idea of hybrid shoes! I'm going to explore them online - and I'm also putting "hybrid shoes" at the top of my shopping list!

This is a refreshing list that has much appeal. I love the shoe options, the addition of some tailoring, and more non-RATE denim items.

Thanks for sharing.

I have a couple different types of cape/poncho. Some definitely say "flower child" but others are very sleek and dressy (examples below). And laughing at Smittie - I'm sure a lot of people think I need to be institutionalized but I'm fine with that. Seriously, though, I love the drama and the slightly unexpected element of a cape or poncho.

This list makes me happy too. I'm looking forward to seeing some examples of retro 60s and 70s. I love a lot of the fashions of those eras and since I didn't get to wear what I wanted during the REAL 70s, I figure better late than never, even if it is only in the privacy of my own home (or photo editing program if I can't have actual physical textiles, lol.)

I am not a fan of bootcuts or flares. I believe I'm already in the dressy Jean camp, so my personal denim update is to add some subtle color or pattern, an ombré effect, or polka dots to my current straight legs and skinnies. I have already added some higher waisted jeans, and crops are growing on me if they are long enough, skinny, and worn with an ankle strap shoe, or a heel. Culottes, um, no!!

Regarding shoes, I love funky shoes even with my more polished and classic outfits. Freshening up shoes is a great way to liven up a wardrobe, and it's where I see spending more of my budget this upcoming year. I went shoe shopping yesterday, so be prepared for an upcoming post of some of the new editions. I'm not sure if they count as Hybrids although, I already have some in my collection from the summer, and I can post those also.

Pastel coats! Okay!

Is my cape/poncho looking dated, or is it still okay? It's on its third year.

I love that cape, Staysfit. It's very chic, and would be glad to take it off your hands, heh.

I always get a bit of a saucy attitude when I wear a cape. They bring something out in me!

love love love boot cuts!!! have plenty of capes and ponchos....yeah for fall

Coming into NZ summer the look that I am coveting is the midi dress and skirt. For a good while it has been all about pants and shorter dresses.

There are lots of minimalist looks around too, with some structure.

I have a fair amount of contrariness in my nature and as soon as something becomes ubiquitous in my mind, I will not do it. I do it without realising of course which is the irony of fashion.

Burgundy seems to be back in a big way. I'm glad.

I have always loved tailored, no nonsense polish. bootcuts I want to wear but I really don't want to bother with the extra tailoring to find them in the right length, then finding pointy toes to go with 'em. gah.

Metallics seem to be back in a big way in very elegant lady like footwear, which I love .

Here's hoping for a mild fall to be able to wear some of those!

Ooh-- thanks for posting this, Angie! It gets the mental juices flowing.

I'm not sure what looks fresh to me, but I do like some of these trends and would be interested in trying them -- and when it comes to sleek tailoring, that's one I can get behind entirely.

One thing that's looking fresh to me are pointed toes. I'm particularly liking pointy-toed loafer and slip-on sporty styles. I wore the new NAS Paul Green shoes into the ground on vacation!

Longer, fitted/tailored or shaped jackets are also looking good to me, if they would make it down to retail at a decent price point.

Here's my reaction to the list:

Bootcuts worn with trendy blouses and knitwear - I'm all over it! Ready to wear my bootcuts!

Denim on denim - probably not for me, maybe a little bit

Culottes - if I can find a drapey, not pleated or full pair, at a price point that I can indulge the trend.

Cropped pants and jeans paired with high shaft booties - I like the look, but it's proving hard to find crops that suit me.

Sleek no-nonsese tailoring and polish - yes, please!

Modern Retro Looks - hence, Retro Futurism (think the '60s and 70s especially) - I like the sound of this

Pastel and light coats - unless my turquoise pea coat and my white leather jacket counts, I'll sit this one out

Toffee as a dominant neutral - pretty on others, probably not for me

Knee-high boots - yes please!

Mid-calf boots - possibly, depending on the style

Hybrid footwear - definitely open to the possibilities

Dressy jeans - if by this you mean dark uniform wash and bootcut, I'm set

Capes and capelets - probably not, but I try to never say never

A line skirts are looking fresh to me after years of pencil and tube skirts.
Also camo prints. I want some camo cargo pants and tees.
Very happy with the trends you mention.
I especially love that toffee is making a comeback!

Yes to sleek tailoring!
skunds like a good season ahead

I cannot pinpoint exactly what feels fresh to me, but I have a general feeling that the change in formulas and shapes is the most noticeable in the last 4 years. Your list makes perfect sense Angie , and I will use it in my outfit creation this Fall

Hi Angie, this is very helpful. I'm wondering if you can help me understand the cropped pants with high-shaft booties thing a bit more. Specifically, I'm wondering if you're talking about cropped pants that overlap high shaft booties, as in your outfit posts:


or cropped pants that show skin between the top of the bootie and the pants as in these other outfit posts and the "find" below:


Or both, or none of the above?


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I love this list, Angie. It's so helpful to get all the trends and looks together like this and pick and choose.

The looks that seem both freshest AND most appealing to me personally are these:

  • Bootcuts worn with trendy blouses and knitwear
  • Cropped pants and jeans paired with high shaft booties
  • Sleek no-nonsense tailoring and polish
  • Modern Retro Looks - hence, Retro Futurism (think the '60s and 70s especially)
  • Mid-calf boots
Bring on the fall!

  • cowboy boots. Not the authentic Texan kind, obviously, that would look odd in my environment, but some streamlined, urban version. I like the V-shaped, higher shaft, the pointy toe and the cuban heel.
  • laced-up boots. I have 3 already, I won't add more, but they still look fresh to me.
  • wide leg jeans with short boxy tops (welted sweater, boxy vest).
  • long blazer with high waisted jeans. I'd better stay away from that one, though.
  • coats with puffer lining (do they have a name?)

Some rambling thoughts about trends/fashion/my style...

I am all over warm neutrals this year. I just purchased a camel sweater and a heavier camel/taupe-ish sweater! They will go with my Aquatalia booties. I know this is not quite toffee. I like and own that color two, but mostly in accessories. Any of these warm neutrals seem so fresh to me, and they are some of my best colors. They are a bit harder to find still. I am getting sick of gray. But some of my gray pieces are still in good condition and fit nicely so I'm going to wear them a bit more. I like gray combined with camel. I know it's seen as clashing by some but the warm/cool contrast excites me.

The other trend I'm loving is a more tailored look. I just have one pair of truly distressed jeans left, and they are not even that distressed. So glad I got this out of my system over the past three years.

I have been into capes for several years already. Capes and ponchos are a great piece for my climate, I don't need more than that in Winter. The only problem is they can easily overwhelm me so it's almost better to buy a shawl and wear it cape-style.

As for culottes, I wore each of my two culottes once each last year. It's really hard to integrate them into my lifestyle. By the time I get to wear them a few more times, the trend will be over!

Speaking of "over" -- what ever happened to cropped tops? They are mostly on deep discount at places like Shopbop. I was into them last year and have not felt like reaching for them this season at all. I have a rather large collection, with three of them still NWT.

Overall I feel my style moving more in the classic direction, with distinct and well-designed footwear as the standout pieces.

ETA -- Never mind what I said about cropped tops, when I looked there was no fall merchandise out and they only had Summer tops. Now there are plenty of cropped tops in again. Maybe I'm just not feeling this look anymore.

Thank you for this list Angie! It looks like I am in pretty good shape according to this to begin my Year of NO Shopping starting on my 50th B'day in about two weeks....

I caved and added fringe ankle boots today.. I just had to have them and I know that DH is not going to buy me clothes or shoes for my 50th since I told him I wanted jewelry, lol....

I don't know how I missed this before - fun! Am very intrigued by the toffee, because, don't laugh, I have a pair of more or less toffee, pointy toe, high shaft, booties that have been sitting in my closet underused for the last couple of years. Culottes have finally trickled down and I am loving it, cropped pants - my C/Es arrive tomorrow!, pastels - love light blue and pink still, the sound of retro futurism although I am not absolutely sure what that means!

Very interesting list. I like mid-range bordering on pastel colors for winter so that should be fun. I am going to look for a higher bootie for the cropped white plaid pants.

An observation that I have made is that after a few years with minimal jewellery, it is back. In abundance. And I love it!!

I don't really know what looks fresh - I rely on you to tell me Angie!
Of your list, I already have a pastel coat, so that's good. I like the idea of retro futurism.

I'm not really planning on buying that much in the coming year at this point (By current list has less than 10 items on it, and some of them are basics/replacements ) so hoping that I won't look unfresh.