Has the navy bubble burst? I'm looking for interesting navy flats with increasing desperation. I can't find anything. Both ASOS and Modcloth have failed me, and I didn't see anything at Nordstrom that was what I wanted (and not wildly out of my budget).

I have to admit that despite lots of trying, I have a hard time combining black with navy. (I was SO HAPPY to get navy gloves to wear with my navy coats.) I've got several dresses and a skirt that would get a lot more happy mileage with navy footwear. I could really use navy tall boots, too, but I'm so picky (and they're not in my budget) so that's a pie in the sky. But flats should be achievable... you think?

Any suggestions or ideas? I'm looking for:

* Flat styling; lower heels are fine.
* Pointy toes vastly preferred (closed toe).
* Ankle straps of some kind appreciated.
* True navy or ink, not medium or royal blue.
* Loafers and mules won't work (first is visually too heavy, second literally won't stay on)

The Finds show examples of the types of shoes I'm very happy to wear. I really like the Halogen Ghillies (first one), but I've never paid more than $50 for this type of shoe. This is a definite wardrobe hole but I'm not sure they'd be workhorses.