I've been on the hunt for a new dress and could use some advice on what type of dress to choose. My lifestyle is pretty casual so I'd wear this dress out to dinner at casual restaurants, or to a concert, or maybe to a social event at someone's house. I have tended to wear dresses only for "occasions" but would like to get one that I'd wear more often. I'd also like to wear it for a couple of different seasons with tights/toppers etc.

I ordered the sleeveless dress in find #1, but to get a size that didn't pull tight when I sat down meant the armholes were too big and I didn't love it enough to alter it. (it was knee length on me).

I'm thinking I should look for a simple, basic dress in a solid color, in one of my neutrals (blue, black, grey, white), and not sleeveless since as Angie has said it's tough to find toppers to work with sleeveless dresses. Also anything with a gathered waist tends to add bulk to my waistline which doesn't look so good, so more of a straight silhouette would work. I do wear fit and flare styles but am looking for something different this time. I'm a pear shape but am lately thinking I have a strong secondary in one of the other shapes.

The denim shirt dresses Angie recommended recently (finds #2 - 8) seem like a really good idea (except find #2 with the belted waistline)

What other suggestions would you make?