Hi everyone,

Recently I have been living in the following outfit: AG stilt cigarette pants, Bella Vita booties from NAS, and a sleeveless tunic from Aritzia with a leather jacket over it. It's become my fall fallback, and it's coloring a lot of my thoughts about my wardrobe. I want another pair of Stilts (looking on ebay now) and a pair of black chelsea-like booties with a higher shaft to replicate the feel of the Bella Vitas. I find them perfect with skinnies and extremely comfortable. I am consigning a couple of other pairs of booties that are not me this year in terms of either comfort or style for daily wear.

Before I try these black ones below (Louise et Cie Valentine) I thought I'd check in with the wisdom of the forum. Does anyone have these, or have other suggestions?

Many thanks,