I've decided that I'm willing to splurge on a nice wool coat because with about 30 pounds of fat shed, I'm A LOT more sensitive to the cold than I used to be. I don't care if I end up having to replace it in a year, it seems worth it to be physically comfortable this winter.

I look best in single-breasted coats, and I would like it to be between mid-thigh and knee length. I haven't decided on a color yet, but would probably go for black, cobalt, or burgundy because they're colors I think of as versatile and they suit the color palette I'm aiming for. I'm currently a size 16 and am unlikely to shrink much on my top half (yay, broad shoulders) so I need something plus size friendly.

I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for brands to check out, and it would be lovely if anyone could let me know if they see any coats that fit the above description. The last time I owned a wool coat, I was in high school, so I have no idea where to start.

Thanks in advance, y'all! I hope everyone in the U.S. has a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow.