In 2018 I started collecting and putting images of my recently bought items on boards in Pinterest. I have very simple categories Clothes, Shoes, Bags, Accessories. I used to have a spreadsheet, too but I gave that up, I’m a visual person.

Now, in the 6th year, I can look back and analyze the longevity of things in my wardrobe. I already had some ideas.
Like that pants used to last about 3 years. I rarely worn jeans to the office and always had a tight collection of dress pants (no skirts or dresses) and they definitely were worn more than 30 times a year. So, no pants from 2018 are presently in my closet. I also now buy a bigger size and a wider cut. Two pairs of jeans survived and I wear them casually on errands.
Straight cut tops and knitwear are out, too. In 2018 only some of my tops were oversized but as I later transitioned to wider pants, my style shifted to roomier tops. And yet, 50% of tops are still in rotation now.
I bought 8 pairs of shoes that year. I got rid of 3 this year due to fitting issues after the injury. One more doesn’t fit but I’m waiting for my ankle to heal completely and reassess the fit. Not bad, I’d say.
The most disturbing discovery is that the only two jackets survived from an outwear category. None were expensive and I did wear them but still, maybe not all but some should last more than 5 years, I think. I realized that I like my outwear to be rather trendier than classic. The oversized tops now require oversized coats. Knee length wool coats that were perfectly fine a few years back and sitting unworn this year, I prefer to wear more of a midi length. But outwear is expensive and can’t be replaced every few years. Also, adding more and more is unsustainable to me. I don’t know what to do about it, honestly. I had this idea that I should prioritize outwear, bags, and shoes over the rest.
The last discovery - 2018 was the last year when I bought synthetic mix scarves. I completely switched to the natural fibers and a beautiful black wool/silk EF scarf from that year I still wear and enjoy but a cheap Gap one is long gone. This is that EF scarf in a photo below.

Thank you reading, this is already an essay
Over to you - when (if) you look back at you purchase, what do you see.? Any surprises?

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