So, here goes nothing . . .

This thread is in review of my original 2014 shopping list I
posted here
. You can see my review of spring summer recently posted here

My original list for fall included:

  • 3 new pullover sweaters
  • 1 heavy casual cardi
  • Casual Thermal layer/Henley
  • Heatgear or merino underlayer
  • 2 blouses
  • 1-2 sassy sweatshirts
  • Army jacket

  • Knit blazer
  • Ponte pants
  • 2 pair boots (for a total of 11-12 fall/winter work outfits)
  • Knit lounge shorts, leggings, 2tunics

  • 1 embellished or interesting cut blouse (cocktail wear)
  • Pumps
  • Dressy cardi
  • Flannel, Cargo pants, polo

I also had the following items on
my spring list that I was going to wear year-around that I didn’t find:

  • Boyfriend jeans
  • Rock tee

So far, I’ve purchased the
following items I plan to wear this fall:

  • Straight leg jeans (summer list, purchased in
    late august)
  • Sheer blouse (see above)
  • Jean jacket (summer list)
  • Army jacket (of fall list, purchased in summer)
  • Oatmeal l/s layering tee (purchased at NAS as
    replacement for tee I purged because it was worn out)

In addition to the above 2014
purchases, I also have the following items I plan to wear for F/W:

  • s/s black mesh tee, worn over black layering tee
  • pink button down

  • black button down
  • black drapey turtleneck
  • 2 pair bootcut jeans
  • Red water resistant sneakers
  • Red Chelsea boots
  • 2 black l/s layering tees, 2 navy l/s layering
  • Black drapey leather jacket
  • Ponte pencil skirt
  • Black self-stripe rayon slacks
  • Charcoal grey wool slacks

Keep in mind that this list includes all of my F/W
clothes and my workplace is smart casual with focus on washable neat casual
clothing, so the pencil skirt, trousers, and button downs don’t get nearly the

Based on what I learned this
spring, I want to make the following changes to my list:

No pumps—we anticipate a hard winter and I will get
much more mileage from another pair of boots or shoes, plus my feet were
unhappy this winter without at least 4 regularly rotating workweek shoes

2. No blazer-- I would rather have a woven one, but will wait on this since I can't wear it to work with the dirt

I am removing loungewear from the list—my spring/summer
stuff didn’t get the workout I was expecting and I found a pair of sleep pants
I didn’t know I owned—I will re-evaluate in November or Dec/Jan

The sassy sweatshirts will be replaced with 1 or 2 zip
up knit layering pieces to wear under my light jackets as the new dress code
only allows sweatshirts as layers

Because of said dress code, I might need to allow myself
an additional blouse or sweater for top variety

Accessories are also going to have to be a focus—I need
them to add interest and polish with the new dress code and restricted options

I’m surprisingly excited about new bottoms options,
boots, and knitwear

I will survive the winter if I find
the knit zippy layers, maybe 1 sweater, 1-2 pair boots and at least 1 more bottom.
However, transitional season will be very difficult without other top and shoe
options, and accessories. Additional knitwear options and a 2nd or 3rd
additional bottom would save me from having to launder every 6 days or possibly
more frequently.

So, for the plan of attack I hope
to sort out bottoms. I am working on adding the last pant silhouette to my
lineup so I can focus on shoes. BF jeans are at the top of the list, followed
by: boots and accessories, blouses, knit zip ups then knitwear, and ponte
pants, a dress, my special occasion top, gear clothing, and with my casual only items bringing
up the rear.

I’m hoping to add 1-2 belts, a watch, new stud earrings, and
1-2 scarves to the mix accessory wise.

Thanks for reading, ladies.