Went to put on my jeans-jacket-cut-but-wool-fabric jacket over my outfit today, which includes a low-hip length boyfriend cardigan, and it looks super-goofy with a foot of the cardigan hanging out below. I think there might have been a conversation here recently about this issue, longer tops with shorter jackets - I know that you don't *have* to always wear a coat longer than your dress/top anymore, but with the lengthening of tops and looser layers it seems like the mismatch is more exaggerated.

A lot of my fall/light winter jackets are shorter, i.e. waist to high hip length, like a jeans jacket is. But these days I often wear longer cardigans, tunics and longer sweaters, etc., and wearing a shorter jacket over those outfits just looks odd. I don't always need a proper wool coat or anything; I have a couple of those but those are overkill for most of our winter.

Anyone have any suggestions? I've got shorter faux leather jackets, and raincoats and wool coats that are longer, but the only thing I have in an in-between weight at a longer length is made out of sweatshirt fleece and thus is very informal and looks odd with nicer outfits.