All three of my Cyber Monday-ish purchases have finally arrived. I’d love to hear people’s thoughts! Anything jump out as a keeper? I don’t *need* another blazer or another fleece right now, but I did retire some mid-weight toppers this year so I do have enough empty space in the closet to justify keeping something if it’s awesome enough.

The fleece would probably get quite a few wears over the winter, on “thaw” days, but the blazer might be a bit trickier. When I do see people besides my family, it’s strictly in outdoor settings. I won’t have a chance to do blazers-as-outerwear again til the spring (hoping there will be more opportunities to be out-in-the-world then too). It’s hard to say how I’ll feel about plaid in March/April/May (sometimes I’m sick of it by then!) but OTOH, I’ve been waiting for Everlane to restock this blazer in my size since last fall, and I was still eager to try it after a year of waiting.

The only fit issue that stands out for me is that the sleeves on the brown blazer (Madewell) are a little tight, and the shoulders are a bit narrower than I’d like. But I like the rounded front hem and the more casual patch pockets... I suspect the color combo may be a bit too soft/muted on me, although it plays nicely with the colors I happened to be wearing.

The fabric on the glen plaid blazer (Everlane) is a bit heftier, slightly more luxurious, and drapes better. It feels like it was cut for me, while the Madewell does not. I really, really want to keep it, even though it probably won’t get much wear until next year. Does it look like it will have enough staying power to justify keeping as part of my very small smart-but-easily-casualized capsule?

The fleece parka (North Face) is super warm and cozy, like wearing a big fuzzy blanket. Pocket placement is great and the fit is roomy without being ridiculous. I love the soft nutmeg brown. It’s a perfect throw-over-leggings coat, which is exactly how I’d use it. I’m a little hesitant about brown outerwear during hunting season (life in the sticks!), but I always have one or two blaze orange accessories with me this time of year, even just for walking on my road. And since it’s more of a casual piece than a technical piece, it wouldn’t come on big hikes anyway (too big to fit in a pack!).

Not styled, just thrown over today’s super-basic outfit. Showing everything open and closed for consistency’s sake and to show fit. I pretty much always wear blazers unbuttoned.

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