Hi there! It has been long time since I posted on the forum: I had many personal and professional issues over this summer and did not have either time or energy for YLF. Hopefully it will change soon and I can be more active here again.
I also did not do much shopping this year - 2 pairs of casual jeans / pants and 4 t-shirts was all for the last 8 months...
but I ventured into Winners yesterday and guess what caught my eye right from the entrance: Theory long jacket in wine shade!
It went home with me and now I have 1 week to decide if I want to keep. This is size 12 and size 10 was not available to try on. This size fits well in shoulders but a bit big in the chest / back which is my usual issue. I am going to ask my Mom tomorrow if she can alter it to fit better in these areas if I decide to keep.
So now I need some YLF wisdom - keep or return. I love the color and wanted to get more wine / burgundy items for my wardrobe. The quality is great and fabric feels wonderful. It is still expensive ($180) but I think it is a good price for Theory quality and I can afford it. I ALWAYS wanted to get Theory jacket and could not find a well fitting one before.
I LOVE the length - both in the body and in sleeves. LONG!!!!! This is such a rare occurrence for me!
So why I need your help? Because I was pretty much off the style grid this year (due to mentioned issues) and not sure where I want to go next. I do wear jackets for work and for travel so it is going to be used. However if I need a fall / winter wardrobe refresher (and I do need it) is this the right item? Also I remember Angie said in one of her posts that she is off blazers now so should I add one? We had pretty similar style preferences before so maybe I will be off blazers too soon?
From finds below you can see what I currently have in jacket department: 3 blazers and 4 leather jackets.
What do you think? Worth keeping even if it is not on trend?

Thanks for your help!

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