Hi everyone -- it's been a while!

Sorry I've been away for the forum, but I'm glad to return to find so many of you still here and I'm so grateful to Angie for maintaining this place of support.

Lockdown has been a time for personal reflection in lots of areas and one of them has been dressing. I've been somewhat surprised to observe what I've gravitated toward over these last months, and it seems an appropriate time to set in down here, including a new style moniker!

What am I wearing?

Throw-and-go dresses, i.e. Me + Em black cotton lace-trim shirt dress and Theory chambray double-v sleeveless dress (and not: Gap polka dot dress or Amour Vert jersey dress, which are both waist-defined and look best with a wireless bra). These are non-constricting, A-line, and softly structured; they are feminine but not traditionally "sexy"; they can be revealing (short or low cut) or not; I like to wear these in the house when I am *hot*; to go out, they look good under a denim jacket.

Tees + jeans, i.e. Perfect "work" formula: Hobbs Sonya striped tees + J Crew tencel skinnies + Hobbs black belt. Turns out I am one of the people who still likes wearing jeans, even at home in lockdown. This is what I wear to online meetings. A good belt helps keep stretchy jeans up and gives support. Throw on ballet flats and my lightweight olive trench over any tee and this is also my out-of-the-house look.

What am I not wearing?

Shirts and blouses with open necklines: I am liking to feel more covered up in general, and open necklines look less put-together on video calls. I am also preferring jersey and softer and more substantial woven materials (e.g. double-weight cotton gauze of my shirt dress) to regular lighter or stiffer woven fabrics like broadcloth or even silk. I think this is always the case, but I'm just not compromising about comfort these days!

Blazers: I have not been wearing blazers, but I miss them. I will definitely wear them again when the weather cools down.


I've made some additions over the last months to support my work-from-home/everything-from-home life, which I've tracked here and here. I'm on the lookout for another softly-structured summer dress and another sleeveless tee; adding a few dainty jewellery pieces at the beginning of the month was a special treat when I really needed it.


"Softly utilitarian" - This is very exciting, as I don't think I've ever really had a proper one! It fits my needs and the times, and I think will be equally useful when post-lockdown.

Color for 2020:

Khaki green

Thanks for looking!