Just to point out, Spring is 9 months away for Sally. We have just finished Spring in NZ, 1 December is the first day of Summer.

sorry, I fell asleep and now I am at work. I will read through the comments later and reply. I didn't mention I want to retain the length and maybe grow longer but probably need to get a haircut so looking for long hair, probably layered, grey hair inspiration.

I can’t tell the difference between the two photos so your natural hair colour is obviously blending in really well !

Your hair looks beautiful and is blending in very naturally. One of the several reasons I stopped dying mine was the very apparent roots every few weeks. Anyway, now I get asked surprisingly frequently who colors my hair! Try it - as I always say you can always go back, it is not a life commitment, not a moral position, just a personal choice and you can change your mind.

I’ve read through the comments and it has given me a lot to
think about.

RoseandJoan – yeah my Spring is not until next September but
that’s ok it will be interesting to see what happens to my hair over the

Bijou – I get you and you make a good point about
authenticity. I have changed a lot these
last couple of years due to feeling different I suppose….stopped wearing
underwire bras because it felt uncomfortable after a year of study leave,
ditched the make up and now gravitating to longer dresses instead of shorter
dresses and fitted pants. I suppose the
hair might be a natural change as well.

Thanks Lozz-oz

Jessikams you make a
good point that it needn’t be nothing or something. I actually would love some white streaks
through my grey.

Thank you Star- I think my hair was getting dry too from the
dye and the grey does seem softer.

Gryffin – thank you.
I haven’t noticed the highlights before as it was coloured for so
long. Great that you are getting
compliments. I think grey hair might be coming
more into vogue.

Stagiaire Fash – I do like your grey hair and your vibrance
comes across in your posts.

Phoebe – yes I suppose the move to more natural colour is
part of my desire to be more low maintenance and support my health in any way I
can, but it is impossible to live a risk free life.

@suntiger – good point

@Janet- yes I have heard about the research. I want to keep my length but perhaps get a
more intentional style. I do like your grey hair. It is quite striking with your eyes.

CarolS – I don’t like my natural colour and that’s why I
always coloured it. I much prefer the
grey. I noticed you have lovely healthy grey hair.

Irina – good idea to keep it natural and reevaluate.

NancyW- yes I think there are more options. Maybe I need to talk to a hairdresser.

Runcarla – I think the natural hair is a trend from the

RobinF- yes the
maintenance is a big pro but in saying that I did only get it coloured every 3
months or so.

Echo – yes I think it needs to be evaluated as we do tend to
carry on doing what we have always done.
It was a hairdresser who convinced me to add blonde highlights but I had
been hesitant about that.

Cee – I have no idea what you are talking about but it
appears Stagiaire does so that is good.

Cat2 – The pandemic has meant that the health of my hair has

Bella – yes I guess it takes time getting used to it and at
the moment, mine still has a lot of blonde in. I guess when it is all grey I
will really notice. But I am looking forward
to having low maintenance hair.

Thank you Jules and JAileen

Rachylou – I get your point.
I suppose there are lots of ways to keep a young or youthful edge.

Sal- Like you I like grey better than my natural colour
which is a very mousy light brown I suspect.

Jenni – I guess the coloured hair can get into a rut like
holding on to crop tops past our youth.
I suspect the age when we need to age gracefully is different for
everyone. My sister who is in her 60s is
still colouring her hair and it actually looks really nice, but I don’t know
think I am like her. Shame about the grey
card comments mind you I have been asked if I was a senior citizen at the
movies by a teenager. I laughed and said
“ it was a hard day but it didn’t age me that much.”

Angie – yes I think I need a hair cut, but I do like the
longer lengths.

Lisa p- the hair in the photos is the same. It is the top of my hair near my face that is
now grey but as you can see the hair around my shoulders is the coloured blonde
colour (but there is also white which is my natural colour as well)

Shevia – another one getting compliments on the grey hair …that’s

I did find a couple of hairstyles that I like so I think I will book an appointment. They are both quite different but are grey layered cuts with a bit of length.

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Apologies Sally, I should have remembered you are in the southern hemisphere. If you substitute Spring for Autumn in my original comment I believe you may have more clarity on how you feel by that point.

Thanks for posting the inspo pix. I’m cutting mine cut Tues & haven’t thought of what to say beyond “long layers & keep it playful”.

RoseandJoan and Bijou said everything I was thinking! The cool things about growing out is that your eye color really pops against your silver, and your hair has all this natural highlighting and low-lighting. I vote to keep going for a few more months, but start working on the cut. I love both your inspiration pictures, I think you’ll look amazing in either style.

Ah - I see that now . I love the second inspiration photo -she looks a bit like Olivia Newton John . Lovely gorgeous layers with lots of movement. That would look great with your face shape and your eyeglasses !

Here are a few inspo pics, but I think your #2 looks like ‘you’ IYKWIM.

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Thanks RoseandJoan it might take me until Autumn to work out a good cut.

Stagiaire Fash I hope it goes well on Tuesday.
Mary Beth thank you. I’m surprised how much I like the initial colour but let’s see what happens.
Lisa p thank you. Getting a cut tomorrow. Wish me luck.
Runcarla thank you. I really like the first one you showed and it would be a good length. Might be a cross between my 2nd picture and your first.

And just for fun…https://www.vogue.com/article/.....mmendation

Interesting that going natural/grey might be the biggest beauty headline of 2021!

Carla, calling that grey hair is a laugh! But it does sound like it’s time to short stock in L’Oréal.

The hairdresser talked me out of anything too radical and told me not to cut my own hair again like I did in lockdown

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That’s a nice cut Sally. I don’t know what the hairdresser thought you could have done in lockdown other than cut it yourself or get a family member in your “bubble” ( for non-NZers that is our name for the household group you were allowed to mix with) to do it!

Your hair looks neat and nice. I think neat is important with greying hair. I cut my own hair from time to time. Some hairdressers make themselves self-important so that one is dependent on them. I say maybe consider finding a new hairdresser if you want to make 'radical changes' and be sure she/he is supportive of going grey. It makes a huge difference.

Great cut—looks light & summery.

Thanks Jenni, Star and Stagiaire fash.
Jenni - I think she thought I should just tie it back but actually hair like mine gets knotty with split ends which is what was frustrating me. Anyway lets hope we never have another 3 month lockdown again.
Star - she said my hair was fine so some of the styles would make it look too thin. She was supportive of the grey hair. Some women say they feel invisible with grey hair...I don't think the hair colour can stop you feeling invisible...lets see.
thanks Stagiaire fash...it feels better and healthier with the ends gone.

That is a decent hair job.

That’s funny, Sally! I told my hairdresser that I’d just been about to try dyeing my own hair and she said it was good I got to see her in time. Hahaha. True.

I see this is an older thread, but just wanted to say - I am glad you didn't get it coloured! Your natural colour with the gray highlights blends beautifully and suits your eyes, skin tones and lip coulouring very well.

I admit I am biased - I deliberately stopped colouring my hair before the pandemic (then at 43) and love the results! I agree with those who say healthy gray is more youthful than dried out coloured hair. And a fresh haircut like yours helps the gray to read as stylish and intentional!

Late to the party, and hair colour is so personal, so just to say, I think either way you go, you will look lovely, and I really like your cut!

Nice fresh cut - it suits you. The color is pretty - like it!
I’m still doing some highlights in my hair- or lowlights depending on the season. It’s purely personal preference- you should do what you like and feel comfortable about.