Hi all, just a quick update.

The Citizens Emerson jeans arrived and I was immediately thrown back into the challenge of mid-rises! (As a reminder, high-rise is often hard because my waist is typically a size or two larger than my hips.) The challenge with a true mid-rise is that I don't have a curve to my hips to keep them in place. These are super comfortable but the fit is not ideal and they are expensive.

Yesterday, on impulse, I went into a local boutique and they had Levis Wedgie jeans. Really affordable - $85 - and they are a high waist style but not a super high waist. They fit my thighs but are not tight. I just got the larger of my two sizes and I loved the way they looked and felt. (The find shows them on sale at Nordstrom but not in my size - but if you're looking, this is a great wash and its $55!).

Pictures to come.