UPDATE: Carla just found an XS at Madewell. Got 25% off and paid $5 for shipping. THANK YOU

My absolute pleasure, I cannot resist a stalk challenge, and I hope it works out!

Wow YLF rocks! Crowd sourcing at it's best!

WOW. Awesome work, Carla!!!!!!! Happy for you, Angie.

Good thing you held off springing for the private eye, Angie

R U kidding me?! Wow, Carla rocks!
If you have time at some point, please post a pictie of it Angie!

Great work, Carla. You could sell your services as an E-Stalker.

Great news! I hope it fits and ticks all the boxes!

I am not really a stalker, but sometimes past crushes rematerialize in my size and cross my path when I am hunting for something else. If that happens, I may purchase the item and see if it works.

I stalk on occasion, but even then it's not with a ton of effort. I sort of stalked this jacket for about 4 years and got it on sale 30% off on Black Friday at Scheels! https://www.patagonia.com/prod.....&cgid

And I stalked a bikini a couple of years ago...sadly I don't love it!

Good luck, Angie! If it's meant to be you'll get your dress!

Just beware evil cowlnecks... Jus' sayin'...