In Lisa's thread I followed a link and find these white boots. Not expensive, but I love the very dainty styling and low heel. And the white! I am desperate for pastels in the winter. This winter, my absolute favorite item is the gorgeous white puffer.

But I have a very small capsule of light-colored and pastel items. I'm particularly short of those Essentials that "glue" the pieces together. These boots may be an essential... but they may also end up as orphans. I must have at least three outfits I am confident I can wear them with.

In boot weather, my outfit formulas are:

* dress or skirt & top & hosiery
* short dress & (dark) leggings or jeggings
* top & jeans

I prefer more casual footwear with my jeans, and I'm skeptical that dark leggings will look or fit right with these boots. So that leaves #1.

I have several skirts with white backgrounds that I know will work, like the skirt in the Find. There's no black in it, mostly a purpley taupe. I usually pair it with the pink Uniqlo sweater. It's a very pastel look and I expect the white boots will be perfect. Another skirt has a more vivid print, and works with black or red footwear; I think it would play nicely with white, too.

But most of my dresses and skirts are dark colors, with a few jewel tones. These always work in winter with black, nude, or patterned tights and black footwear. But will white boots look strange? What hosiery is recommended?

And this may all be a moot point, since they may not like my feet!