Thanks Carla but no pleats for me .

And haha , Angie . I’ve lost enough weight that I feel ok tucking now ;).

That blazer is a great find. Looks fresh and modern on you!

I picked up these cheapies at ON. I was surprised I liked them as much as I do. They’re a linen blend - so light! They are not finished well at all and the self-belt has to go for me but otherwise they fit the bill. I’ll admit to panicking a bit with the longer lengths. I don’t love full-length wide legs on me so I feel like I have to snap up all the cropped ones I find before they’re gone from retail.

Oh I know what you mean Kerry ! Are the pants pleated though ? I can’t quite tell from the photo …

Yes two pleats each side, low … in the black I can’t tell at all though. I don’t wear pleats as a rule.

I am looking for nice linen tees but can’t figure out what POMP stands for! What brand is this please?

Power of My People - it's a Canadian brand! They do woven pieces, not knits, btw.

Oh thanks! I am also in Canada so will check them out.