I’m new to the forum, although have been reading the blog for a long time, thank you Angie! I have a very limited wardrobe, because of weight loss and until now wore mostly jeans (NYDJ) which I usually buy on trips to the US even though they are available here the selection is limited . I have trouble finding jeans and trousers brands that will fit comfortably in Amsterdam where I live. There are a few brands that I am lucky with, like Claudia Strater, which is German, but not many others as usually the hip and thigh are cut too narrow. I am blessed in the rear

I have a trip to NYC coming up and would like a heads-up on where to find tailored, lined trousers. I am a US size 12/14 pants size and I am tall, 5’11. Size 10 top so I can shop anywhere for tops. I usually just go straight to Macy’s and stock up on jeans but I’m looking for wool pants, and specifically with a lining. Any brand advice would be appreciated. I checked Ann Taylor’s website but nothing seems to be lined and I really like the lining.