I’m one of those women whose shoes are mostly black. Practical but admittedly somewhat a boring choice. One of my goals in the recent years was to add more interesting shoes. Interesting to me, first of all, means other colors than black. I don’t want another dark color like brown or burgundy for summers, I’d rather wear black or navy. I love cream, light beige shoes for summer but I’m hard on my shoes and they last at the most, 2 seasons. I decided not no repair a pair of comfortable, nice shoes because they are scratched in the toes area. I bought shoes polish in a similar color but damage is still very visible. It makes me sad that I have to give up otherwise good pair of shoes.

What do you do? Ignore the scuff marks? Wear light shoes only occasionally? Have a lot of them in rotation to split wears? (Mine were the only pair of summer beige shoes).
I placed an order for a replacement pair but I have my doubts.