Two weeks ago I stumbled across all the lovely white sandals in today’s blog post in the finds list, one of them caught my eye. When I saw Angie's description: “a dressy sandal that is reasonably soft and cushioning. Elegant on the foot. Too narrow for wide feet” my spidy sense perked up. I didn't want white sandals, but checked out the other colors.

I’ve been looking for over a year for nude-for-me sandals with exactly this elegant, classic vibe. My foot is regular width but low volume so mostly narrow width shies do not work for me, but this sandal in medium width is perfect. I don’t want this type of shoe very often but it’s been annoying not to have it for dressier summer occasions. I've worn LifeStride shoes before but only though of them for super casual styles or house shoes. I ordered it in the color called “tender taupe vinci”. The style is just what I wanted; modern, pretty, simple, heel that is not a wedge, nude that is close to my skin tone, and classic enough for good longevity. I can manage this heel height for occasional wear. I don’t usually do faux leather shoes because my feet perspire a lot year round, but there is plenty of ventilation in a sandal so no problem. They are JCE – just comfy enough, with a “comfort footbed”which means a little bit of cushioning.. The footbed is not quite the microsuede-ish feel I prefer for sandals but close enough. On sale for US. $43! (The price varies a little across the different colors.) I love the idea of spending less on items that are worn infrequently but that is not usually how it works out. I got them in black too, to replace my older Reiker black dressy sandals that are getting close to end of life.

Now I just need an occasion to wear them…nothing on the radar but I could wear them for less dressy events too.

Another high five to Angie for her top picks!