I still continue my huge closet edit and now I'm working at CPW issues. As footwear is my absolute favourite I started analysis from shoes and sandals. After my last purchases I have 22 pairs of summer footwear, excluding sport sandals, sneakers and high-heeled shoes that I use only for special occasions (once a year maximum). These 22 pairs work from May to September, I love them all and can remember when and why I bought each pair.
The oldest of these paires was purchaised in 2007 and still looks great (it's brown and turquoise platform sandals that I posted in my Africa capsule http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....led-africa). I wear them rarely, because they are not as comfortabe as they might look, about 5 times diring the season or even less. I own them 8 years and wore about 40 times. The sale price was $75 (full price $250), so current CPW is about $2. It will decrease if I continue wearing them.
My working horse is a pair of Ecco sport sandals bought in 2011 ($50 on sale). In the first two years I wore them everywhere, because I was very thin and gravitated towards sport style. Photo 1 is from my trip to the Black sea in 2012. Now I got back to my normal weight, my wardrobe became larger, but I continue wearing them on the regular basis, when I walk with my doggie and ride a bike. We have 80-100 hot days in a year, and for 5 years it's about 500. CPW is $0.10. Do you have such winners in your wardrobe?

High-heeled shoes have the highest CPW in my wardrobe. They cost $50-70 and I wear them 3-5 times in my life. It's too pricey for me, so I keep my old pairs in case I need them and strictly ban purchasing new ones.

Now I decided to take CPW of my footwear under control. I printed tables filled with numbers 1..100 and glued to the boxes, in which I keep my footwear (usually original boxes). I strike the current number out when I wear the pair (Photo 2). I also wrote the year of purchasing and the price. No more "as far as I remember" and "about" in the calculations, only ruthless numbers!

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