In Ornella's wrap up of her Flavia series she made a comment that jolted me with its pertinence.
It was "letting go of what's distracting me from wearing those pieces I enjoy the most".
This rang so true for me that I decided to make a list of my distractions:
Not wanting to look overdressed for my casual country town environment.
Waiting for an elusive "occasion" to wear fab outfits.
Dressing down to fit in with my RATE bloke.
Feeling it's not worth dressing well when it's only for an hour or two in the day.
Packing too lightly when I leave home to visit family and friends.
Trying too hard to get the maximum wear out of clothes.
Procrastinating on mending and sewing projects so that the key piece in an oufit remains out of service.

There's more I'm sure but the list is long enough for me to give myself a rocket. New Style Goal = letting go of the above.

How about you? What gets in the way of you allowing yourself to wear the pieces you enjoy most?