I live in Minnesota and pretty much from December (sometimes starting in November) until March I wear boots outside and don't wear my indoor shoes outside

Planning for winter I decided maybe it is time to get new winter boots/wet boot
1. I have 1 pair of black ankle uggs (about 7 years old)- used to have more but because they are flat my feet don't like as much any more
2. A pair of heavy duty sorels (not the cute ones) mostly worn skiing and on days of blizzarding weather because they are big and clunky
3. Pair of leather Blondo winter boots that are no less than 10 years old. At the time these were an investment boot for me
4. I do not have a good pair of rain type boots - they are all tall and my curvy calves are not friends with tall boots.

So I'm thinking to upgrade since it has been say 7 years since I had new winter boots and I do tend to keep them.

So do I invest in a new pair of boots and get the Aquatalia sweetie short boot. Clearly I keep my winter boots and use them. My uggs are the same height and I love the slip on and offness of them just hate how flat they are.

Sometimes I have a hard time spending money on the practical because I want to buy all the pretty things.