Inspired by Alana's post on booties
So last year I accidently discovered the love of the bootie after finally accepting tall boots just don't look good on my calves. Maybe they do but i don't like how they look.
I want to round out my bootie collection - My style currently is completely evolving as I am editing my closet away. I wear skirts and pants with a topper.
Picture 1: black fringe bootie - the bootie that started bootie love - bought in late spring and wore everyday for a month didn't matter what I had on I just loved them that much.
Picture 2: off white cut out (not my bootie by similar enough) - 2nd bootie I bought in Paris. loved the concept of them and still trying to figure out how to wear.
Picture 3: aquatalia sweete from NAS - Cold weather boot I just bought (can't believe I spent this much on a boot) they are divine and will get lots of use in heavy winter as the boots I wear to work and then change into booties.
Pictures - 4, 5, 6 and 7 boots I have collected -
4 - like everything about them
5- like the color hate the rounded toe
6- like the color but how do you wear brown boots - isn't that such a silly question - i think I ask because my base colors are black, gray and navy with some white. I feel I should have brown boots to bookend my hair - but maybe I don't understand that concept correctly.
7 - I'm sort of obsessed with the concept of a leopard shoe or bootie and this is the first style I have found that sings to me.

So if you were to add two more booties for the winter what would you go with
another black, a pair of brown, a pair of red - All ideas and suggestions welcome