R&J, you have beautiful hair. I have curly hair but the curls are quite haphazard. Re your comment above - is your hair naturally curly and you plait it when damp?

Thank you Star, my hair needs little encouragement to wave although I do need some styler for definition, when I plait my hair it is pulled almost straight.

Most of the time I co-wash, use a deep conditioner, apply styler to soaking wet hair, scrunch then leave to air dry.

I'm partially CGM - like you, my products are CG approved but I do still diffuse on low heat when needed (my hair takes forever to dry otherwise).

I don't wash my hair everyday but, when I do, I massage in CG shampoo & use praying hands for my leave-in conditioner. I'll scrunch the ends to coax the curl & then 'plop' into a cotton t-shirt for ~20 mins. I clip my roots for volume as I diffuse/ air dry & use a CG curl mousse to hold things in place (i.e. smoothing flyaways & frizz, plus making sure my fringe curls the right way so it doesn't poke me in the eye, lol).

Aaand... That's it I'll also do a hot olive oil soak here & there but I find I need to keep things simple with HK's humidity & the low porosity fineness of my hair (too much product either weighs it down or starts to produce 'crunchy' curls). Your hair looks lovely & shiny in that regard, though - so much volume!

I'll leave it to the experts to advise on a new style, but I had to pop in and marvel at your gorgeous curls!!

I use and love the Curlsmith line of products. Finding the right products makes taking care of curly hair much easier.

AJ, I would definitely like to try the curl Smith stylers in the future, at the moment I am using the delightfully named Creme of Nature Argon Oil Hair Snot.

Jules, the result is absolutely KILLER STUNNING! WOW! The romantic curls bring out your gorgeous eyes and skin

The mix of colours is pretty and interesting too.

Does your friend still cut your hair?

Sam is great at yoga - a natural! He does the best Down Dog and Puppy pose

Wonderful haircut- great look!
Your hair looks fab - love the subtle color variation!

It looks fantastic!

Stunningly gorgeous!!

New style is even more beautiful!

I am giggling at the name of your styling product! Does it work well in humid weather?

Wow, your hair looks amazing! Gorgeous!

Thank you for the boost, I have to admit I am still adjusting to the cut.

Angie, it is a neighbour that now cuts my hair.

AJ, it would depend on how your hair responds to products with glycerin. I have been using the snot for around 5 months in Scotland's damp climate. I also have to water the product down a lot as it has been formulated for kinky, coily textured hair.

Gorgeous! The new cut looks perfect!

I have curly/wavy hair that's quite thick and coarse (and getting coarser as more gray comes in, year by year), so I am always interested in new products. I am currently using Original Moxie products, and happy with the results, but your Hair Snot sounds intriguing :).

How nice to see you !!!!!!! How are the girls ?

Your hair looks amazing ! The inverted Bob would definitely be edgy.

It looks gorgeous - lovely to see you back on the forum.

@ROSEANDJOAN Your new hair looks great - I don't know if that's the lighting, but is that grey on top with blonde at the tips? If so it's great, looks like nature's ombre

PS - What do you do to keep your curls looking fab & voluminous at night? I've tried using a silk cap, but it tends to smooth my curls (same with a silk pillowcase, due to the length of my hair). I've also tried clipping it atop my head but that often falls out or gets uncomfortable as I toss & turn in my sleep. I do try to refresh in the morning with a quick spritz of hair oil, but the volume has mostly disappeared by then anyway... I'm like @JANET, in that my curls often look different from one day to the next

Isabel, thank you for thinking of my girls, giving the times we are living through they are both doing really well. They are 13 & 12 now.

Zaeobi, much to the amusement of my family I sometimes sleep in a tubular scarf, I sort of look like Mardge Simpson when it's on https://www.google.com/search?.....;prmd=sivn

Beautiful result! You look lovely....

@R&J The Hair Buff is brilliant, thank you. I actually already have a bamboo Handyband from Seasalt (UK) - I use it as a neck gaiter & headband for hiking, but will try it for this purpose instead;)

PS @AJ I live in subtropical humidity & have found the Giovanni line to work well; their leave-in conditioner & spray are lightweight & 'breathable' enough on my low porosity, fine but dense hair.