Thanks for all the lovely compliments and for the descriptions of your own outfits and photos. The Cat, I didn't (yet) tell the doctor how I appreciated her outfit, though I couldn't agree more with your point that it can make a person's day to hear that kind of thing. I confess I was feeling a bit shy since it was our first meeting. But I will be seeing her again and so I will tell her then. I think when I know her a bit better it will feel a bit more natural to say it.

Sal, I'd be happy to share pro secco or tea or coffee and good for you, for setting out some festive beverages.

A toast to all!

I love your plan, Suz, as well as your outfit. A nice dinner at home is a beautiful way to celebrate the season, as well as honor your family and home. It can be special to stay home! Of course, I'd have to finish the decorating, and the laundry, and mop the kitchen floor before I got dressed up, but motivation to do that would be nice, too!

Ha, Beth Ann! (So great to see you by the way). Well, the decorating is done in our house but the shopping and groceries are not done. As for the floors -- they could certainly use a good mop after DD got baking yesterday...sigh...just after we'd cleaned!

Coming late to this beautiful post... Suz, I was moved by how you described the doctor. I agree with Joy when she said: "It is a gift to others to make an effort." I work in a very casual environment when dressing up sometimes elicits strange vibes (like, I'm vain, or I'm spending too much on my clothes/appearance, or I'm misplacing my efforts, or I'm plain simply "overdressing" etc.) But your post shows that this kind of thoughtfulness is not only healthy self-care, but also care for others around us.
And yes, I agree: your outfit is beautiful and you look sparkling. (I'm drooling over your silver pumps. Are they comfortable?)

K.M. Thank you! And yes, it can be tough to challenge the environmental norm. But often worthwhile.

The silver pumps are super comfortable! They have low block heels and stay on due to the straps. But they are fragile. I've touched them up a bit with nail polish but they do have a few scuff marks. However, they were very inexpensive and have served me for my few dressy occasions for a few years now.

Thanks for the feedback on the pumps! I love the silver color and the straps.

Wow Suz, you sure do "clean up good"

Not that I didn't know that, but it has been a while since you posted something dressy! You look absolutely amazing.

Pretty outfit! I see so many casual looks, it makes me happy when I see someone dressing up and going against the norm.


Earrings and necklace look perfect to me.

Oh, Suz you look stunning. Thanks for sharing the picture.