What a lovely post Suz!! I am sure you looked wonderful for your dinner and I applaud your sentiment. In the long dark winter period a bit of sparkle and shine is important and fun!!

Oh what a great idea, Suz! I bet you'll look lovely and festive. I threw on jeans and a sweatshirt after my shower, but I think I may go put on a nicer sweater and some sparkly earrings. Thanks for the inspiration!

Lovely post, Suz. 'Tis the season. Sadly, no photos from me for the next couple weeks -- house is too busy/under construction, trying to finish projects before we head out of town for a while. But I'm enjoying browsing others' sparkly looks!

La P, I was so sorry that blazer didn't work out for you (saw but missed commenting on your other thread). Construction wreaks havoc with the best laid party plans! Having lived through 2 renos (and my marriage lived through it, too!) I know...

Thanks, Glory, Kerlyn and Sal.

Zibbets, would love to see that outfit!

Thanks to your post, Suz, I made myself change out of my hiking clothes and managed a bit of polish for dinner tonight! Black dress, silver shoes, silk scarf.

LOVE this, LaP -- thank you!!!!

My update: Mr. Suz was delighted and wanted to know what everyone else was doing tonight.

Oh, and we found out solstice is actually tomorrow. So, yeah, another reason to dress up! I need a second jazzy outfit!

Lordy, I just about fell over. You look spectacular. Absolutely stunning.

LOVE THIS! Sorry for shouting. I'll be over shortly with a bottle of prosecco I've saved for a fun holiday occasion

Gorgeous outfit! I love the skirt.

I'm wearing my nice new sweatshirt. It's lined with sherpa fleece. It feels very cozy.

ETA: and it's not grey.

Suz, this is such a gorgeous outfit on you. I’m so accustomed to seeing pops of colour on you, but you pull off black and silver equally well! What a fabulous outfit.

Looking good! That skirt is a knockout.

Lovely outfit, Suz. You look so pretty! DH and I have decided to have a solstice party tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration.

Yes! We are going to have another party tomorrow. Why not, right? But now I have to plan tomorrow's outfit!

Isn't that skirt brilliant? Angie had the black and cream version and featured it on the blog. MsMary has that one, too. A few others ordered other colours. It was great in every version and has closet longevity. The stitched down pleats make it a lot easier to wear than the pleated skirt featured on today's blog (much as I also adore that style!). And the price was insanely low -- $40 or something? Not exactly that, but almost!

Lisa, I'd love that pro secco!!

You look just as fab as I imagined...

I have two bottles of Prosecco in the fridge right now (to serve tomorrow with Christmas Fruit mince pies to our staff)....You are all welcome here and I have tea and coffee if you prefer!!

I agree with Angie: This post is nothing but Fab-ness~~ How fun~ to read everyone's comments~
Suz: I really was inspired reading your post, how we can, yes, be so inspired by someone we come across in public and their outfit and the way they put things together can so inspire us! Sounds like that totally happened to you~ Love your outfit, everything about it, in your pics~
Joy: that red suit is gorgeous~fits you so beautifully~

Christina: Love the crystal necklace~
Katarina: Love that beautiful necklace from Prague~ How special that is to wear~~

Joy: love those pink crystal earrings

La Pedestrienne: Your profile pic is hilarious, makes me smile~ Love your pics, especially the scarf tied just in that way~

What a gorgeous post! The necklace itself makes me want to amp it up. We just finished up our holiday season as you know, but everyday dressy is still in reach!

You look beautiful, Suz. I do love dressing up. I find it hard to do in cold months, though, when I just want to stay layered up in my sweaters, cords, thick socks, and scarves. Sometimes the thought of changing into a dress just makes me shiver.

Firecracker, boots! You had some great ones on with your purple dress. And then tights, a T-neck, and cozy sweater dress.

Suz, you look amazing!
Firecracker, you need to make yourself a wool dress with a long wool duster to keep you extra warm.

Fashintern and Joy, great ideas!

A very pretty outfit, Suz--and a great reminder to dress up even for some meals at home. That's another way to show that we value and love our nearest and dearest and ourselves.

When I saw this post, it was late in the evening here-- too late for making special efforts for yesterday. However, I can assure you that I kind of dress up most of the time. (For instance, I'll never wear distressed denim, or distressed anything, anywhere.)

In this darkest time of the year, I definitely feel a need for some colour and shine (though black actually feels more natural to me in winter than in any other season). Don't have time for pics now, but FYI, this is my work outfit today:
- purple & torquoise glasses
- purple velvet tee
- torquoise coatigan
- black knee-length skirt
- black & silver pendant necklace
- black belt with a shimmery strass heart
- black hose
- black suede shoes with silver hardware decoration

Love this outfit, festive but not fuzzy I would say, I remember the skirt-and adore how the boat neck top makes a little place/cowl neck for the statement necklace on super slim &looking fab yourself!

WOW - a post just crammed full of gorgeous inspiration. You look amazing Suz - as always.

By the way, Suz, did you tell the specialist that you appreciated her outfit?

Kind words and sincere compliments brighten the day, let others know that we see and appreciate their efforts, and create positive vibes that may benefit even third parties.

Beautiful ! I was thinking of you this morning Suz. I was thinking that you are clever to celebrate Winter solstice. I am not keen to celebrate anything that has to do with Winter/cold weather, but then I realized that I am wrong and you are right. You made me think of an old book I read about being grateful for *anything*.

The Cat, those are good colors on you, and I love texture. Even if it’s too dark to see how nice you look, you feel nice—literally
Do you take part in any solstice celebrations, maybe not jumping over fires, but something?

OMG....love how the necklace and the shoes mirror each other!

You look gorgeous Suz! We are skirt twins, although I have not worn this one in awhile, maybe I'll break it out in your honor. LOVE to see everyone dressy. I so miss the days of having at least one cocktail dress-worthy occasion to go to. Darn this casualization! Can we blame the millennials (just kidding :)) ? Cheers!

You look fabulous Suz! Here's my festive outfit for this year.

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