I lost a little bit of weight and the majority of the bottoms in my closet ceased to fit. I continued to wear the over-sized bottoms all through January and February while I searched high and low for new replacement bottoms to wear to work and dressy casual events.

There is no way anyone could believe how much I shopped in February. It was my primary project and I became obsessed with shopping/buying/testing/returning. When I could not find "longs" or "talls" in the store, I bought them online in multiple sizes/styles/colors after having tried them on in the store to assess fit. I finally settled on two pair of WHBM slacks (navy and black in regular) just this past weekend.

I am thrilled with these pants on so many different levels (fit, fabric, color, care). They could not have been more perfect for me (and I know because I literally tried on hundreds of pairs of slacks across every retailer I could think of).

So this morning when I was deciding what to wear, I reached for an older over-sized pair of slacks that I don't feel fabulous wearing, but that haven't achieved a "reasonable cost per wear." I reached past my new beautiful slacks for a tired, poorly-fitting pair of slacks!!

WHY? It made no sense whatsoever. What is wrong with me? Do I feel I don't deserve nicely fitting clothing? Is there some sort of guilt involved here?

I did come to my senses and I am wearing my new slacks in navy. I feel fabulous. Tonight I am going to collect ALL of those tired and over-sized slacks and get them out of the house. There will be no more decision points like what I experienced this morning. There will also be no stress about getting rid of "perfectly good clothing."