I'm feeling inspired today to take Angie's advice! After letting dinner digest for a little while, this evening I physically tried on all of my current pants/jeans to determine if I had any holes to fill from NAS shopping for next season.

I learned a few important lessons:

1) It's vital to try on pants later in the day, not first thing in the morning as I tend to do for a mini closet edit. My stomach is the most sensitive part of my body and it expands multiple inches throughout the day.

2) Last fall/winter I tried out a few pairs of "hard" jeans, boyfriend and straight styles made from thick, mostly cotton denim. Thank goodness they were fairly inexpensive, because those are the pairs that I purged... One pair of old sized-up BF jeans stayed, but otherwise I learned that "real", old-fashioned denim is not for me, especially in high rises.

3) As un-trendy as it is, I should stick to jeggings and ponte pants. I spend all day sitting in my casual bottoms (which are worn a lot for 6 months of the year) and my sensitive waist craves the comfort of stretch fabrications. I have managed to find several pairs that don't stretch out in the rear, which was a perennial problem with early iterations of the jegging trend. I'm glad I picked up the Kut ponte pants from NAS and I think they'll earn their place in my wardrobe.

If anyone else is fond of stretchy pants, I particularly recommend the Anthro denim leggings (attached in Finds) for multiple-day wears without stretching out.

4) I was really hoping to find a pair of flare (not bootcut, not cropped) jeans in the NAS this year, but they seem to have fallen out of fashion. I have an old pair from Express that I'm hanging on to, but they've shrunk enough in the wash that I can no longer wear them with heels. Crossing my fingers for some options in the general pre-fall assortment.

I hope this inspires you to edit your closet before/while shopping for fall this year! If you've done so already, did you learn any interesting lessons?