Do we have any lefties here?

Since watches and rings have been a bit of a topic lately, I'd thought I'd ask.

Most watches are meant to be worn on the left hand (all the controls/winding knobs are for righties) and most women wear engagement rings and wedding bands on the left hand.

Personally for me I beat the heck out of jewelry on my dominant hand and also find it uncomfortable because of how I write. I even wear my purse on my right side so it isn't in the way of my dominant hand. I carry things with my right hand just to have my left side free.

So lefties-- am I alone in my fussiness with my dominant hand? Do you just wear your jewelery on the opposite hand (social conventions and minor awkwardness be darned!), or do you not wear a wedding band or watch at all?

If you wear only your wedding band on your dominant hand, does it look "lonely"? lol
(I've sometimes wondered if Angie would be inclined to wear more jewelry if her watch and ring were split up)