In an attempt to will fall here I am shopping for (faux) leather jackets. I'd appreciate help narrowing down color and style, as well as where to look for <$150 options that I could get a few years out of. I currently own a black motto from Zara that I love but I think this time around I want something a bit softer.

Neutrals seem like the best bet for frequent wear but I'm not sure what would be most flattering. Is burgundy/wine still on trend? I'm attracted to blush/cream/light grey (, chocolate brown, oxblood( and olive but the models tend to not have the same coloring as me so I'm not sure which of these would suit me best. I have medium/dark brown hair and pale skin; most of my wardrobe is black although it isn't the most flattering color near my face.

I don't like too many zippers/hardware. The Cole Haan would be my ideal choice stylistically if I didn't need money for food and rent. I think the style is called a rider jacket(?).

I'd appreciate any advice or suggestions about where to start looking!