I am a manager in a business casual environment where there really is a very wide range of what people wear to the office. I'm trying to make my look a little bit more professional, while not going to far to business professional end of the spectrum. My boss only wears a full suit when meeting with people outside of our organization, while on a regular day in the office wears a blouse or sweater and adds a more casual jacket about half the time.

I'd love to add some more jackets to my wardrobe. I currently have two blazers (one black, one grey with black details) and a recently purchased military jacket. I'm now considering a leather jacket, but I'm not sure if this one works or not, or what color to get. My neutrals are black, white, and grey (I don't wear brown), and for colors I have mostly blue, teal, purple, and blush.

Thoughts on this jacket for a business casual workplace? What color?