I found this very handy article recently, during a search on "quality clothes": https://www.thebalance.com/how.....ng-1387970

I've been thrifting clothes all my life out of pure fun and just realized that I've acquired several of these skills along the way. When you thrift, you have to sift through oodles of clothes in record time, and you learn to spot quality and condition just by feeling the fabric and quickly checking certain details. Brand -unless we're talking about brands like Burberry- is only a secondary factor. The best pieces in my closet come from a huge variety of brands, everything from vintage and J Crew, to Walmart and Patrizia Pepe.

The most recent skill I've learned is observing how the seams are finished: French seams, for example. A sole criteria is never enough, of course; I have an H&M blouse with beautiful French seams but made of a poor quality fabric that isn't holding up in the wash.

Do any of you have tips you can share, of how you spot quality items? Sadly, it's getting harder and harder to blindly trust retailers; you really have to be proactive in looking for well-made items.