February was a very rare shopping month for me. These days it feels like only about 1% of all fashion and footwear out there has even the remotest chance of working for me, so it makes the whole exercise pretty challenging.

Anyway, this unprecedented surge started with the purchase of a camel topper. A friend has a camel coat that I covet, and this was as close as I have been able to find in something that works for me. It is a great way to break up my usual workday "uniform" of black turtleneck, black skinny ponte pants, black Blundstones and a black topper. Seriously. 

Then I saw these wide legged ponte knit pants in my local BR factory outlet store. I used to love wide legged trousers. Tried them on and decided that the size that worked best in my hips and thighs was too tight across the belly and didn't buy them. Ran into a friend who had also been looking at them and was reminded that a long top will cover the pulling at the pockets. She bought three pairs. I bought one. Black. But finally adding a different shape to my lineup, so yay. Ridiculously not practical for wearing with winter boots, but since I spend most of my time indoors, I will deal with looking a bit clunky on the short walk from car to office. It's Winnipeg and warmth and comfort matter.

Turns out the camel topper works pretty well with the wide pants, so double yay. (Posted about some of these here)

Inspired, I continued shopping, with mixed results:

  • stretchy windowpane pants (similar in finds). Cropped flare. Might be a bit too long. Unsure what footwear I can put with them. Haven't cut the tags off yet,
  • Ecco oxfords. Loved them, and would have worn them with lots, BUT, even sitting in my living room for a while they started to bother my fussy feet. They've gone back. Sad face.
  • Bright yellow Doc Martens. Inspired by the yellow Converse that Angie has just parted with, I tried a pair of bright yellow Docs I thought might work with my problem feet. Have traded down a size (the unisex fit big), and am wearing them now. Haven't yet fully committed to them, but getting close. I like the idea of having some kind of statement footwear.
  • Short black dress. I almost forgot about this, and will have to try styling it. It's above the knee, very A-line but fitted in arms and at neck, so works for my less-than-traditional proportions. 
  • A black Nine West waterfall collar topper from Winners. I expect this will be a workhorse for me. Tags off and worn.
  • A charcoal jersey knit boyfriend blazer from BR factory outlet. Loved it when I put it on but am waffling now. Its squareness camouflages the muffin top, but it might be the wrong proportion for both skinnies and my wide leg pants. Still debating.
  • SCARVES. Six or seven I think. This seems to be a season for browns and earthier tones and I've decided it's time to stock up. It's a good way for me to add interest to an outfit when I can't find interesting tops. Just have to watch that I don't get too hot. The office finally starts heating up just about this time of year and then I melt and have to peel it off.
  • I picked up a fabulous long sleeved t from H&M's basics collection. Nice heavy fabric and only $15CAD. Might go back and pick up a couple more. 
  • I also bought a short sleeved top in a lovely dusty teal colour that works quite well on me, but, as usual, by the time it fits in the middle, the shoulder is sloppy. This sloppiness is always more obvious in lighter colours. So, despite my hopes for this one, it is probably going back.
  • A long, lightweight beige cardigan topper. Wore it with a pair of black culottes (or would you call them wide crops?) Happy with it.
I am working on dropping a bit of weight and toning up a bit to improve my clothing experience, but in the meantime, I still want to break out of the all black uniform rut. We've got another couple of months of fairly cool weather ahead, so I would like to find another couple of long, lightweight cardigans. Keeping an eye out for mustard, pink (if the shade is right for me), brown, or green. 

For spring, I will mostly wear these over a column of black, because that's what I have and it does the best job of disguising my girth.

Heading into March, I am keeping my eyes open for another pair of work shoes -- a big challenge for my crabby wide foot with narrow heel. I'd like a low bootie or lace up oxford that works with slightly shorter pants lengths. I'd love a moccasin style, but can't keep them on in the heel. Darn it. And please, Santa, send me a cute pair of wide fashion sneakers?

I buy and buy, and much of it goes back. Worse yet, I buy, I get busy, and things don't get returned in time. I am hopeful that being here, being inspired by everyone else's thoughtful approach to style will help me get on a better style cycle (shopping more often throughout the year rather than cramming a year's worth of shopping into a single harried month!) and keep me motivated to find ways to stop thinking about what I can't wear and enjoy what I can.

Whew. Writing this is actually helpful -- letting me see that I have had a couple of successes. Am going to try to focus on those and see if I can build on them. If you made it this far, thanks for your interest in my journey. I do love reading about all of yours.

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