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So, the description of your event makes it sound like a special occasion dress is a good choice for you! You've had great advice already, but I wanted to pop on and say that it is a good idea to preplan a "special occasion" capsule. Recently, I did a closet check on this capsule myself. I decided that some of my dresses need to be retired. I have some good funeral options with black separates that I've used for concert wear (I'm a singer), and I've got the "church/out to dinner / ladies luncheon" covered. However, I don't have a great interview outfit (and I need a couple, as I'm job hunting), and I'm not happy with my wedding options, either. This is key, since I have a family wedding in August.

Hmm...after reading all the other comments here I'm rethinking my earlier comments about not ever needing one for my lifestyle. Maybe that's true but I could certainly try wearing one anyway, or a top/skirt combo, I might find I like it. I need to remember to "never say never".

Thanks for all the inspirations!

Beth Ann - you are very right. My "special" occasion capsule is anything but. After the most recent purge of items, I have a long beaded gown I bought about 10 years and 10 lbs ago, and one shorter dress which (after seeing Suz's long sleeved blue dress) might be a LDD (little dark dress) although it is pretty body con...and come to think about it I bought it 5 years and 5 lbs ago